About me

Hello! I’m Rachel Berg, a Social Media Manager, Instagram Coach, Copywriting pro, and expert in fastening zips on moving children!

I help overwhelmed and discouraged small business owners get the hang of the ‘gram by getting intentional with the time they spend on social media, so they can convert their followers into clients and watch their businesses grow…. all without wasting hours of precious time down a social media rabbit hole.

I passionately believe that we can all learn new things. You’re never too old and it’s not too late to go after that dream.

Most things are possible with the right person to guide you (and if Instagram is your challenge… that person is me!)

With over thirteen years of advertising, sales and marketing experience, I bring enthusiasm and easy-to-follow social media strategies to the table for my clients, who breathe a sigh of relief as they check their overwhelm at the door.

My sold-out courses are raved about, because I (literally) make it my business to understand your business.

I’ll teach you exactly how to cut through the noise and magnetise those dreamboat clients by being specific with your social media messaging.

Because let’s face it, followers don’t pay the bills… but ideal clients do.